Copyright & Trademark

Is someone using a name that is the same or similar to the one you’ve spent time, energy and money developing to brand your business? Is someone copying the expression of your idea and making money from it? At Wiebe Wittmann Robertson, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience to effectively and efficiently make sure your copyrights and trademarks are protected.

  • Copyright is a bundle of rights that the author or owner of a particular work can hive off and exploit separately. For example, the owner of a screenplay may have the right to exploit the story as a book, feature film, “webisode” or “mobisode” or other facet of the  entertainment world. Often, our lawyers are called upon to protect our clients’ intellectual property through infringement suits for breaches of copyright in music, film, television, scripts, books, artwork and Internet websites. We will also help you to formally register the copyright in your intellectual property in Canada, the US and abroad.
  • Trade-marks are not limited to any type of business or arena of thought. A phrase, name, coined word and/or design (i.e. logo) can be trademarked and associated with a business. Even distinctive phone numbers have been held to be worthy of trade-mark protection. Trade-marks, like copyright, can have immense commercial value.

Most commonly, our firm is called upon to register, monitor and protect trade-marks for business clients.

With the widespread use of the Internet, it has become easier to engage in copyright and trade-mark infringement; however, it has also become easier to monitor and to sue infringers. Given that the Internet is instantaneous and international in scope, it is wise to seek the counsel of an experienced law firm to assist you in the often complex jurisdictional issues that arise in international copyright and trade-mark litigation.