Estate Litigation

Our team of experienced lawyers has experience representing executors, administrators, and persons who have been disinherited. We can represent parties in litigation both before, during or after probate.

In British Columbia when a person dies and has failed to adequately provide for his or her spouse or children in the will, the courts can vary the will. An unfair or inadequate inheritance from a spouse or parent can be a very difficult matter to deal with and requires the tact, experience and knowledge of seasoned estate litigation lawyers.

Wiebe Wittmann Robertson provides options and skillful representation to families and executors who are faced with a contested Estate including:

  • Representation in court proceedings brought under the Wills, Estates and Succession Act
  • Settling disputes among beneficiaries
  • Challenging the validity of a will
  • Document interpretation, including wills and powers of attorney
  • Estate counsel or trustee counsel

Our firm has experience guiding clients through both straightforward and complex estate litigation matters. No matter the dispute, clients trust us to work quickly, efficiently and confidentially toward a satisfactory resolution. Our lawyers will examine the available documents and facts and provide our clients with a realistic assessment of the challenges they might face in litigation. Our goal is to determine the best course of action for the client.

If you are the Executor/Executrix or administrator of an estate which has been sued for a variation, the fees to represent the estate are protected disbursements from the Estate and, in most cases, we can represent the Estate and recover our fees later.

If you have been disinherited or received an unfair distribution of your spouse’s or parents’ estate, we can usually represent you on a no cash, no fee, contingency basis.